Monday, October 26, 2009

the land of the living

My mind is flooded with thought right now.  I thought about getting on facebook but realized that I would be updating my status every minute just to say it all!  I finally feel like I am joining the land of the living again.  Last week I had a sinus infection, the week before was swine flu, and the 2 weeks before Hubby was sick.  So October has been a blur of cough syrup, motrin, elderberry syrup, antibiotics, raging fevers, sudefed and a cough that just won't leave.  September was a blur of raw emotions.  September I talked to very few friends, it was a really rough emotional month and I went into survival mode.  It was also a month of serious financial burdens, some that nearly pushed us over the brink of the mountain.  August was busy!  We had a vacation with my parents and started school back up just days after returning.  I feel as though I have been on auto pilot for 3 months now!  This week though, I feel like I have finally rejoined the land of the living!  Today after dropping W off at school, the younger kids and I drove to Parker to spend Hubby's lunch break with him at work.  It was a delightful and refreshing morning.  We went from there to a lovely friends house for coffee and lunch.  I haven't had a chance to connect with this friend for a couple of months and last year we saw each other at least once a week.  It was needed time just enjoying each others company.  We actually chatted until it was time to go pick W up from school.

It is interesting to me how going into survival/fight or flight mode, changes everything you do.  I'm really grateful for the understanding of all the people I've neglected over the past months.  It hasn't been intentional, just circumstantial.  If you are one of the people I've neglected, please accept my apology.  I was struggling so desperately to hold on to me that I didn't put forth the effort to hold on to you!

So, along the lines of other thoughts..........   My husband looks at me so proudly and in love when he hears me discuss sports.  It is kinda funny, but also enjoyable.  Football in particular.  I corrected the announcer on Sunday while watching the Vikings/Steelers game.  Hubby beamed at me and commented that he loves that I can actually legitimately correct the announcers.  Who knew that being able to follow a football game and watching Yankee's playoffs with my sweetie would bring the adoration factor???????  You should see the look I get when discussing this one:  This season, Jay Cutler = 11 TDs, 10 int,  Kyle Orton = 9 TDs and only 1 int.  I personally prefer the guy who is consistent but not flashy.  Cutler's flashy has lost us too many games!  I'm pretty sure that I saw drool slipping out of Hubby's mouth at this point!  ;)

We just had parent teacher conferences last week for W.  As always, we received a spectacular review.  I wonder why his teachers can never ever picture him refusing to get his belt on for school.  In class he is such a great kid.  I wish he was as excited at home to get ready for school in a timely manner or do his homework in a timely manner as he is to learn when he finally reaches school.  I guess it is the headache of most parents but still..........

Last week I saw W's best friend.  Bailey came up to me and very excitedly told me, " Guess what?  I had H1N1 and LIVED!"  I informed him that I had also and gave him a big high five.  It was the highlight of my day that day.  The next day though I felt bad for him when his mom told me that Bailey actually thought he was going to die when the doctor gave the diagnosis.  Poor little guy was crying and asking if he was going to die.  The doctor confirmed what every other medical person I know has said, it sucks and it is not any worse than seasonal flu.  The doctor, in his great wisdom, told Bailey that he was a healthy little boy and would most definitely live.  He told him what to expect, a fever for a few days and not feeling very good and then back to his wonderful boisterous self.  I am grateful that the doctor in urgent care had enough sense to not feed this little boys fears but rather to encourage him and his mom!

The H1N1 and lived story happened on the same day as this conversation between Bailey and W.  They both (and Bailey's big sister as well)  wanted Friday to be their day for hot lunch.  W only gets it once a week.  It was to be sub day on Friday and the boys wanted subs.  The reason, "I love sub day, you get seconds!"  Bailey's older sister confirms this and my friend and I laugh hysterically at the logic of boys.  It isn't bc that sounds best, it is all about how many servings you can get!  True boys!

I think that my growing less coherent by the minute thoughts are soon about to start rambling.  Besides, the dryer should be close to done with the work/school clothes so that I can sleep!  I keep trying to decide if it is time to share yet what the Lord has been working on in me over the last several months.  It's not bc it is super personal, more that it is a lot of typing and explaining.  Maybe next time?   I know, I'm a tease, but it is late and I'm tired!

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