Tuesday, December 21, 2010

From the mouths of babes......

Two awesome conversations with my kiddos tonight that are well worth documenting!  The first was while cuddling with my 3 year old at bedtime.  I smiled and said, "I sure am glad God gave me a JJ!"  He touched my face and said, "And I am sure glad Santa gave me a Mommy!"  I smiled.  Then completely out of the blue he said, "Remember when we were just a drawing on a paper that God drew before we were alive?"  I was so moved by his assessment.  You know, back when we were just thoughts in God's head....... I was amazed that he came up with that on his own and yet I loved it! Even the Psalmist said, "Your eyes saw my unformed body; all the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be." (Ps 139:16).  I absolutely love that my young son both knows and expresses that long before we thought of having him, God knew who he was and had drawn him on a piece of paper just waiting to give him to us and make him alive!

So, the other is so characteristic of my oldest that those of you who know him will be smiling and nodding.  Let me start by giving a background story.  The library that we go to is not the one across the street from our house.  I don't like the libraries in our district, particularly the one across the street.  They are never friendly and the children's library is small and the librarians are rude to my kids.  So we drive a short way on the highway to go to the one about 15 min away.  We love that library.  I have always loved it.  I actually volunteered there when it was a brand new library and I completely enjoyed my time working there.  Well, recently we received an email stating that because of our mailing address, certain restrictions will be put in place beginning Jan 3.  The new rules, only 3 books out at a time, no renewing, no inter-library loans, no use of prospector, and only 2 hold items at a time.  Well, those rules mean we cannot even get one book for every person in our family at one time!  Not a fan!  So I have informed my kids we will be switching libraries at the first of the year to the one that is quite a bit further but friendly and will let us actually USE it's resources.

Now the story.......  Tonight while picking up, W looks through some of his books and tells me that he doesn't read some of them anymore and he wants to give them to the Goodwill.  I agree that it would be a great idea.  Then he says, "I have an even better idea, how about I donate them to a library?  But it would have to be a library that doesn't have limits on what we can check out!"  I smiled.  Then he said, "I think I am going to protest libraries that have those new rules and don't like us just because of where we live.  That's not right.  Do you think I could go protest there?"
Me: "Uh, not right now!  It's late!"
W: "Hmmmm, well, I think I'd like to organize a protest.  I'm going to start organizing it in the morning.  It's just not right to not allow people the same privileges as other people just because you don't like where they live!"

I had to laugh!  Can you tell that he just finished learning his Civil Rights Movement unit in school?  In his sweet mind, the library not liking where we live and restricting our usage of its services is clearly a civil rights issue and must be dealt with just like Martin Luther King Jr starting a protest/boycott of the public bus system. What do you think the library would do if a bunch of 2nd graders marched their doors demanding equal rights?  LOL, love my boy and the way his mind works!

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