Tuesday, November 29, 2011

more antics from my boys

My children's school does a behavioral color chart. 
Green = good behavior, everyone starts every single day on green
Yellow = a warning, redirect your behavior
Blue= more serious warning, note goes home to mom and dad
Red= really naughty!
There is also silver, for when you have gone above and beyond expectations and have spectacular behavior. Green is the norm though.

On Wed before Thanksgiving break Ev came home from school on blue.  His teacher had sent me an email earlier in the day so I was prepared in advance and knew the story.  I was a little curious because one part of the story just didn't sound like him.  Short version was unsafe behavior during a fire drill and being disrespectful to an adult.  So when he came home first my hubby talked to him about it.  After I got home from work I asked him about it. 

We talked it through and I asked him what he had learned from this.  His answer?  "I learned that when Kiewan is in front of you during a fire drill, don't follow what he does!"   Honest to God he said that!  I hugged him and walked away before he saw me laugh. I had been hoping to hear something like walk during a fire drill, listen to the teachers when they talk, you know something like that.  But, no, my kid learned the value of not following the person in front of you when they make poor choices.  Well, I guess that is a pretty good lesson too!


Yesterday the boys got in the car and I asked them how their day was.  W said great, Ev said "I've not had very good days these last 2 days of school. I was on yellow today."  I asked him why.  He rambled his story, kinda talking in circles and leaving me with a lot of questions.  Finally he said the key words.
"Well, I didn't think Evelia would tell on me but I guess I was wrong on that one."

Aha!  The words that informed me that my son had done something wrong, not made a mistake.  I read the note from the teacher in his planner and asked him, "So you were destroying materials?"
"Well, it was only 1 crayon.  Ok well maybe it was more."
Add mystery solver to the list of mom job description :)


Last night W stayed up later than he should have.  I went downstairs to switch out laundry and saw his light on and heard him playing.  I went in and got him to bed.  It was nearly 2 hrs past bedtime.  This morning my child, who is much like his mamma as far as how he feels about waking up in the morning, woke up with tired blood shot eyes.

He came upstairs and says, "Oh, Mom, the kitchen smells so good.  What are you making?"  I tell him the kitchen smells good because I'm drinking my coffee.  Without missing a beat he says, "Can I have some?  I really need it this morning, I'm really tired."   How many 9 year olds ask for coffee every morning?  He doesn't get it every morning, only on special occasions and sleepovers with Grandma.  Or I give him decaf occasionally.  I just got a kick out of his little blood shot eyes insisting that he needed the coffee this morning.

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