Tuesday, September 24, 2013

the woman in the rear view

I pulled to the stop light and saw her.  She was in my rear view mirror, the very tired woman who rested her head in her hand while stopped.  She smoothed worry lines from her forehead.  Then the little girl with the crazy curly hair and big smile in the carseat in the back said something and laughed.  The woman pulled momentarily from her thoughts, looked back and smiled a weary smile. 

At that moment I wondered, what is her story?  What is making her tired (besides the three children in her backseat)? Why is she weary?  What is causing her forehead to wrinkle with worry?  I can't stop thinking about this woman.  I don't know her nor do I think I will ever see her in real life from a perspective other than my rear view mirror.  But God knows her.  He sees her. 

God, give that woman strength today.  Bring peace to her soul and hope to her heart.  Hold her tightly in your arms.  Meet her where she is and carry her through whatever it is that is going on in her life.  Let her know that she is seen, that she is loved, that she is valuable.  I may not know her, Lord, but you do and that is what matters.  Draw her to you.  Permeate her heart with your presence and your peace.

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