Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Today I walk the halls at work and I long to be known.  Not that I am a stranger by any means but that I long for the friend who knows me well enough to just know.  I have been careful to keep much of my personal life out of my work life.  Though often that is a good thing, today I just want someone to see me.  I want someone to know when I'm a mess and why. 

Maybe it's time to open up a little and seek those friends who can see me at work and just know.  I have those friends but they don't walk these halls or share these cubicles.  They aren't here for lunchroom chats.  And today I realize how lonely work can be when you love those you work with and you love your job but you don't have anyone who knows you at work. 

I feel a little invisible and I'm not sure that today I like it.  I'm so glad that God knows me.  I'm so glad that He walks these halls and shares these cubicles.  I'm so glad that He is the friend who sees me walk the halls and just knows.

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