Tuesday, December 3, 2013


It's been a rough few days. It's late, far later than I had hoped and planned for bed. Yet I lay here feeling both anxious and comforted.

I'm feeling the effects of spending before the deposit actually cleared the bank. I bought things I've been holding off on for months like light bulbs for my bathroom, a dish drainer, shoes that don't hurt when I have winter blisters, jeans to replace the threadbare solitary pair I had owned. And now I'm reeling from spending money that was supposed to be there already but hasn't arrived yet.

I feel anxious about the arctic blast coming through that will leave Colorado in a deep freeze for several days. I don't do well with cold, I get chilblains (a fancy word for extremely painful blisters on my toes when my feet are exposed to cold).

I'm hoping my poor old car will start in the morning's cold air. It's come to the point that I'm grateful each time the engine turns over and stutters to life.

And though I feel anxious and can't sleep, I find hope in something. Emmanuel, God WITH US.  That's right GOD WITH US. Even here where money is tighter than it should be until the deposit shows up. Even here in the cold. Even here when I feel anxious.  Through it all I still celebrate Emmanuel, the God who came to be with us. Emmanuel the one who walks through it with me.

Praying whatever causes you stress and anxiety this holiday season that you would pause to remember Emmanuel, God WITH you.

Now my eyes finally feel heavy and my battery is almost dead. Please forgive any typos, I'm posing from my phone tonight.  May you feel the presence of Emmanuel in every area of your life.


Joy said...

Amen, Dawn! Praying for you!

Dawn said...

thank you Joy.