Saturday, January 4, 2014

Reclaiming the bubble bath

Before kids I used to relax in a long hot bubble bath with a glass of wine and a good book. Now? Not so much. Now bubble baths are mostly reserved for hotel stays.

I'm a boy mom. My bathroom usually smells of pee minutes after it's been cleaned. There is almost always hot wheels and dirty laundry strewn across the floor. Sometimes there is pee in the tub. Although I swear I will end whoever pees in the tub, I have a suspicion that it comes from the child who sleep walks and thinks he's using the toilet. You can't punish the kid if he doesn't even know he's doing it.

My bathroom just isn't relaxing anymore  (but the purple walls are pretty). It has to be scoured to make it relaxing and usually by the time I have time to take a bath, I'm too tired to. Anyone else ever think a bath sounds awesome but you're just too tired to do the work to take a bath? Or you do the work and then are too tired to actually take the bath?

Yeah, all the time. After a month of telling Hubby I want a glass of wine and a bath when the kids go to bed and then crashing from exhaustion myself once they are in bed, I decided to change something.

This morning I cleaned the bathroom. I planted my children in front of the Wii to rot their brains with video games. I made a fresh cup of coffee, grabbed a good book I've been looking forward to, and enjoyed a nice, long, hot bubble bath.

It wasn't wine, candles and a book. But it was coffee, candles and a book. I even could comprehend the words I read because I was not trying to force my eyes to stay open so I could relax. Irony, isn't it? Forcing myself to stay awake to relax?

So I may have to revamp what relaxing in a bubble bath looks like for the time being. It seems like for this exhausting season of life that I may need to relax while listening to my children play video games and I sip coffee instead of wine.  It's worth it.  And I finally got to reclaim my tub!

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