Tuesday, May 26, 2009

come to me

"How are you doing?" the words came through the telephone. My response, "I'm good, just tired." Tired doesn't exactly cover it, physically and emotionally exhausted would be a little more accurate. It has been a rough few days. My husband hurt his back and has been pretty well incapacitated all weekend long. The kids unintentionally keep bumping his chair or the bed which sends him to extreme pain. I've been trying to keep them as much as possible from rough housing, climbing on Superman (aka Dad), or just bumping into him. It has been a daunting task. My children came pre-wired with a 6th sense that alerts them to a parent not functioning 100%. They go into "attack mode" when this happens, kinda like a shark to blood. It always happens when one of us is physically or emotionally struggling and my kids become savages. Today alone, I have had the jug of green juice spilled on my bathroom floor, apple juice poured on my kitchen floor, 1 1/2 lbs of strawberries dumped out on the floor and bites out of nearly half of them, "Mom, my brother just peed on my bed!", and "Please keep the underwear on your tushy, no one wants to see your potty part!" Not to mention that my kids have decided that 3 kids is too many so they are trying to decrease our ranks by killing each other. I think that "tired" was actually a kind adjective to use. My friend hears my kids screaming in the background and asks me if she can bring them to her house for a couple of hours so I can have a break. Now that defines a friend! I jumped at the chance and my house is actually quiet as I type. The moment she arrived to pick them up Matthew 11:28"Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest" starts going through my mind. What an amazing offer! Weary, that describes me right now. Burdened, yep, that one covers me as well. I feel as though I have been through a battle zone. Here I was in the middle of chaos trying to figure out what more I could do when what I really needed to do is come to my Father and He will give me rest. In the craziness of it all I forgot that He even cares about my rest. I've been do do doing, caring for my family, and all that entails, but I have forgotten the most important part, to come to Him. I sometimes forget that I matter as much to God as my family does. I know that He cares for my family even more than I do, but I get so busy that I forget to allow Him to care for me as well. Today my heavenly Father cared for me through a friends kindness. The funny thing is that I did come to Him, I had just forgotten by the time my friend called. This morning while crying and moping up green juice I prayed, "Jesus, help me. I can't do this by myself today." He sent me an angel in the form of a friend who helped me to rest and gain perspective. What an amazing God we serve that He cares about even the smallest details.

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