Sunday, May 24, 2009

like a child?

Today has been a crazy day in our household. For some reason today the kids bickered more than usual, tried to beat each other to a pulp more than usual, and talked extremely louder than usual! Every request was made by yelling several decibels louder than actually necessary and my patience as a mom was sorely tested. As we put our kids to bed, still squabbling at each other, I had a thought that made me laugh. After the older boys were in there room, I looked at my husband and said, "What exactly do you think that it means to come to God as children?" We both laughed but I realize how often I really do. How often do I go to God the way my children came to me today? "Mom! He hit me!" "Mom! He destroyed my bed!" "Mom he won't leave me alone!" "Mom! He is still touching me!" "Mom! He made the mess not me! I don't have to clean it up do I?" Those of you who are parents know these days. God knows them too. I have this week alone come to Him several times, "God, my feelings are hurt! God I was wronged, can you make it right? God I didn't make this mess, don't hold me accountable for it!" And yet, He still loves me and still cares for me. Though I won't deny that I got frustrated with my kids, I never said, "Don't tell me anymore!" God doesn't turn us away either, even when childlike is more in our behavior than in our faith. Thank God that even when I behave like my children did today, He still loves me and cares for me!

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