Wednesday, June 10, 2009

maybe too late at night?

I'm feeling random right now. I'm pretty excited about something. I have had an idea on my mind for a while. I've hesitated in sharing that idea with my husband for fear that he would immediately shoot it down. This morning I finally decided I'd get his opinion and I got a much happier reception than I thought I would. I know, I'm being vague again, but today it suits me. We have some things that need our immediate attention so we will revisit the idea again once our attention does not need to be so scattered.

I am also intrigued by a friend right now. Well, he is more of an acquaintance, really. He is someone who I knew back when I was in high school but not someone I was ever close with. I just spent the last hour reading his blog from the last couple of years. I find some of his ideas to be rather interesting and my brain is now stimulated to look into some of the things he mentioned. We have differing political views on some things, but I have differing political views with many of my friends. I am fascinated by his theology as well. So now I have something new to research, just in case I ever find any spare time. ;) I enjoy hearing what molds peoples opinions and why people think the way they do. He gave me some good starting points to understand why he believes the way he does.

I have decided that what was originally going to be a blog about hope may need to be done in parts. I am learning enough to fill a thesis rather than a short blog. Who knew that tripping across one little verse could occupy so much of my heart, brain and time. (I do mean tripped over the verse, it was on the only page of my Bible that I have to keep putting back in because it is no longer attached to the binding!) I am studying what it means to put my hope in the Lord and am completely enthralled.

I also caught up on the ministry of a friend who I have known since I was a child. She has an amazing ministry and it was wonderful to see how the Lord is moving through her. Oddly enough, I found it because her daughter's blog is one of my favorites to read. (I haven't quite figured out how to include the link in my post but it is The Spirit and Truth Study in the blogs I follow under view my complete profile, for anyone who is interested in checking it out.)

I continue to daily be amazed that the Lord desires me, loves me and wants to be intimately involved in my life. My life is not glamorous. My job is to wipe faces and tushes, feed mouths, drive to playdates, try to keep up with the dishes, the laundry, the lawn mowing and all those other tedious chores. I live the life of a stay at home mom. It may not be glamorous but the pay is great! In the midst of my jeans and t-shirts, messy house and less than perfect parenting, my Jesus still is interested in my life! He still brings redemption to my screw ups. That is testimony to Him, definitely not me. Somehow He bridges the gap of my mistakes and fills in all the holes that I leave as a good imperfect parent. What a lovely thought! My savior loves me just the way I am and yet still gently molds me into what He wants me to be.

So on all of those random notes, I think maybe I should get to bed before Hubby's alarm clock goes off! Sleep is a good thing that I don't take advantage of nearly enough!

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