Tuesday, September 8, 2009

tired thoughts

Today was a lovely day.  Hubby had the day off and he took W to school this morning and then took Ev to school while I stayed home. That was a refreshing break! I picked Ev up from his morning school but Hubby took him to afternoon school so I did none of the drop offs today. We got a lot accomplished and even just got to chill out watch some tv and play Othello.

W's teacher told me this afternoon that he had not been himself today. She said it wasn't like he was being disruptive or disobedient but that he just had a glazed look in his eyes all day and he wasn't his usually responsive, talkative self. He said school went great though. I think he is still trying to get over this bug that attacked us all last week. Though we spent most of the weekend on our backsides resting, it seems as though we are all still exhausted. I hope he does better tomorrow.

Hubby got the Harry Potter paperback series for his birthday and W started begging us to read it to him. I didn't know if he would be interested but I figured if not we would just put it away and read something else. I didn't expect him to LOVE the books! We just started the 3rd book.  Hubby and I are discussing how high in the books to read since the later books are a bit heavy for a 7 yr old. W came home today and during homework he said, "Mom, my teachers are really surprised that you let me read Harry Potter books. They said that is more of a grown up book." So now I am paranoid that the teachers think I'm poorly influencing my son. I know, my kid, my decisions, got it, but that doesn't take away my tired paranoia. He follows the story, hasn't at any point gotten lost even though they are long chapter books, and really enjoys it, so why am I so worried about what his 1st grade teachers think about it??????????

Hubby has the weekend off!!!!!!!!!! Not gonna lie, I'm stoked about that! He does have the card shop Fri eve but Sat and Sun he is mine (I suppose I'll share with the kiddos!) I know we just had a vacation, but I feel like I need another one just to catch up with my sweetie! We are finally back to a normal schedule so I should get my time with him back to normal as well.

MOPS is starting next Friday. I am excited and nervous. I'm on steering this year helping out with crafts. I always thought I'd never want that position but when I found out that was where they really needed help, I actually got excited about doing it. It will be nice to get back into the routine of my life again now that the kids have gotten into their routines.

So there is my midnight ramblings. No lessons, just what is on my mind, my very tired mind! So now I'm signing off to go sleep until the dreaded alarm clock crows at me (yes I said crows, it sounds like a rooster!) JJ fell out of bed a little bit ago, hope it doesn't happen again tonight because I want the next 6 hrs and 20 min to be in dreamland only!

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