Tuesday, October 6, 2009

my 10 cent miracle

Last week I decided it was finally time to use that last coffee on my Starbucks card.  The price of my coffee has gone up from $4 to $4.16.  I ordered my coffee and pulled around to the pick up window.  I handed the gal my gift card and told her, "There is $4 left on that card and I'll pay the rest in cash."  As I fiddled around in my wallet, I realized I didn't have 16 cents, I only had 6 cents.  I was annoyed because the only other money in my wallet was a 5 dollar bill that had a different destination than to go towards my coffee.  As I'm thinking that I'm going to have break the 5 for a silly dime, the lady comes back to the window and says, "Honey, there is $4.10 on this card, you only owe me 6 cents."  I handed her my last 6 cents and laughed as I pulled away.  I didn't miscalculate my card amount, I had a receipt right next to the card stating that the remaining balance was 4 dollars even.  Even in the small things, the minute details, He is watching over me.  Through all the huge miracles that the Lord has given us these past few months, this tiny 10 cent miracle was such a HUMONGOUS blessing because I left feeling the Lord's great love and mercy toward me.  He has met every need, even the smallest ones, and I know He will continue to always meet our needs.

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