Thursday, October 1, 2009

my baby can read

My dear 4 yr old cracked me up tonight! While older brother was doing homework, Ev came in the kitchen with us and said, "Sorry I got the word cards down." I was a bit confused so I excused myself to the living room to check on the younger two boys. There was a rather impressive pile of "beginning sight words" flash cards on the floor in front of the 2 yr old. Ev (the 4 yr old) says, "Mom, I'm just seeing if our baby can read." He asks JJ what one of the cards says and JJ (the 2 yr old) makes a few strange noises and then looks up proudly and smiles and claps. Ev looks up and says "I was just seeing if our baby can read, Mom. Panently (apparently) not. You know mom, some babies have the oppotunty (opportunity) to read but I guess not ours." He has been seeing the commercials for the "My Baby Can Read" program on tv and our word cards look similar to those used on the commercial. So the 4 yr old (who by the way, also cannot read) is disappointed that his baby brother cannot read because the babies on tv can! I absolutely loved watching the brother moment between the two of them, JJ after all was thrilled that his big brother was teaching him to read! :)

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