Wednesday, September 30, 2009

my wonderful children

The last 2 days with my kids have given me lots of smiles and a few memorable moments. I'm not as foolish as I was in my early parenting years to think that I will remember these moments just because they are special and then lose them for lack of documentation! So, that said, I'm documenting here, on my blog, the ways my kids have made me smile.

Yesterday I took the younger 2 to Costco with me. Having missed my morning cup of coffee because I was too tired to clean out the coffee pot with the day before's remnants, I decided to get a mocha freeze at the Costco cafe. JJ tried to steal it and I informed him that he was in no way shape or form getting coffee! Ev asked me if I was sure it was coffee and if it is really coffee, why did that man put chocolate in it? I told him it had chocolate because the only thing sweeter than coffee and chocolate is kisses from him. "No, Mom. That's not it." Then it must be kisses from all of my boys? Nope, still not it. Kisses from Daddy? Nope, not that either. So I finally asked, "Well I can't think of ANYTHING sweeter, what could it be?" His response, "Mom, I think candy is sweetest!" How can you win with logic like that?

Today my oldest was sitting at the kitchen table doing his Riggs homework (the phonics program his school teaches). When he sounded out one of his words he also said the grammar rule that went with it, that u and v can not end a word so you have to add a silent e to the end if the word ends in either of those letters. Oddly, this surprised me and I started trying to think of words that ended in v and realized he was right. He was thrilled that he had taught me something new. The cuteness came when he then asked me, "Mom, didn't you do Riggs when you were in school?" I told him no and he said, "Well, now it makes since that you didn't know that rule!" He paused thoughtfully and then looked up and said, "Hey, Mom. Thanks for sending me to a school that teaches Riggs. I really like it, it's actually my favorite part of the day. Well, that and math." I was flabbergasted! My son actually realized for however short of a moment, all that I did to get him into the right school and thanked me! Does that actually happen?

The last one was tonight at bedtime. My husband has made up a song for the boys that he sings at bedtime to them. It is a changed version of the old Mary Poppins song, Chim Chim Chiree. the lyrics are "Chim Chiminee Chim Chiminee, chim chim chiree, I love my (insert name) and my (name) loves me. Chim chiminee, chim chiminee, chim chim churoo, oh my dear (name) your daddy loves you." The last verse is always to me, "I love my beauty and my beauty loves me....Oh my dear beauty your husband loves you." (Yeah, I know sappy sappy whatever, we all absolutely LOVE it though!) Tonight while hugging Ev goodnight, I told him that I'm proud of him and he's a great kid. He looks at me and says, "No, you're a great woman! I mean beauty. You're a great beauty, Mom. You are our beauty, but you are also Dad's beauty. That means that a beauty lives in our house!" He went to bed excited by his "discovery" and I put him to bed thinking that my family is the best in the world! My husband thinks I'm beautiful, my sons think I'm beautiful and all of my guys take such good care of me. Wow, how amazing is that!?!?!? And for the complete experience, tonight was one of the nights that dad didn't have to prompt the boys to thank me for dinner. Tonight they all remembered without any help from dad and tonight I feel really loved, cared for, appreciated, and treasured. My family is the best in the world! (See, I wrote it down so that the next time I'm convinced that my kids sole goal in life is to torture me, I can look back on this and remember how sweet they can be.)

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