Friday, October 30, 2009

only in Colorado

Tuesday night at midnight we were under winter storm warning.  While the warning didn't start till midnight, the snow started early in the evening and by 9:30 it was starting to cover the grass.  Wednesday morning I awoke to more snow and no school.  Thursday it continued to dump snow on us.  It was roughly a foot and a half of snow in 2 days.  Then today, school was back in session.  The main roads at 7:30 am were wet but not bad.  The side roads were a little slick still though.  The sun was shining and by 11:30 am I had shed my coat and was comfortable in my long sleeve tee shirt.  I even cracked the windows on the way home from the grocery store (the high was high 40's today).  By the time I left to get Will from school the snow was completely melted from my driveway and probably 10 inches or less left on my grass.  Only in Colorado can we have a dumping of well over a foot of snow for 2 whole days and then the next day it is beautiful and halfway melted!!!!!!!  So we may not get a true fall but we do get 60 degree days in January sometimes so I guess I'll concede that it balances out.  The boys loved the snow and 2 days of no school.  I love that it is melting quickley so that driving will not stay messy for long!

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