Monday, November 16, 2009

the big hype about Twilight

I'm not a fan of vampires, at all, ever.  So why would I want to read a book about a vampire and human who fall in love?  As the craze swept over everyone I knew, I chuckled and wondered what was the big deal about these teenage fantasy books.  Over the summer some of my friends, who might I add were the least likely in my mind to "fall for"  these vampire books, started raving over how addicting they were.  That peaked my curiosity a bit but not enough to pursue it any further.  I passed the books several times and almost bought them but found that I was really more curious in the reason for the hype than in the books themselves and couldn't justify spending money on books for that reason.  Finally it has happened.  With the second movie about to start in the theater, there is very little conversation I can have with any female that does not at some point touch on the subject of Twilight.  I was even invited to a girls night out to see the movie.  I'm a big fan of read the book first so in order to attend girls night out, I must read these ridiculous books.  I borrowed them from a friend and have been warned over and over that once I start I will not stop.  Again I smiled and wondered how it could possibly be so addictive.  This weekend I read the first book, Twilight and I have to admit I was a bit surprised.

I expected an easy fairly mindless read with a hint at highschool romance.  That doesn't exactly sound terrible right now, something light to take my mind off of the other things racing to claim its attention first.  Here is what I did NOT expect, a well written, fluid book.  I was wrong!  The author Stephenie Meyer did an absolutely beautiful job of writing this book!   The descriptions were long enough to give a vivid mental picture of everything, Forks, Bella's truck, Charlie's house, the school, the forest, Bella's friends, and yes even Edward.  The descriptions were not though overbearing as I have read in some books, they were just the right amount.  I was told that the first couple of chapters were slow and to hang in there until she is around Edward with frequency.  I didn't really find them to be too slow to hold my attention though. I found myself wanting to read on to know why Bella had moved to Forks, WA when she hated the cold and rain. Meyer did a fabulous job of bringing you into Bella's mind and emotions. (For those of you who haven't read it and plan to, I will give nothing away that ruins the story, I promise!) There were times when Bella looked at Edward and found it difficult to remember to breathe and I found myself occasionally holding my own breath during those times.  I realized that in some odd way, I felt as though I could relate to Bella, as though the story were mine and not hers.

I was astounded to find that this was an easy read but not exactly a mindless read.  I was so captured by the writing style that Meyer has that I could barely put the book down.  I did decide that the book would still be there when the football game was over and tried to set it aside but found myself picking it back up at every commercial break.  If it is actually possible that there is anyone who is reading my blog who has NOT read Twilight (I kinda feel like having not read them, I was the last of a dying breed with how many people I know who are obsessed!)  I will tell you this about the book;  chapter 13, "Confessions" is a fabulous chapter that answers many of the questions you will have built up from earlier in the book.  I reccomend reading that chapter when you won't be interrupted.   I read it in 3 parts and it was the only chapter that I really felt annoyed to have to stop for a while.  The other thing I will tell you is the where the "point of no return" is.  Do not read about the baseball game (chapter 17) unless you plan to finish the book that day!  I was up till midnight because I could not put the book away until I knew how everyone would fare after that point.  One more thing, don't read the teaser for book two, New Moon, unless you have it right in front of you and can start reading it!  I was too tired to read the teaser (which consists of the prologue and 1st chapter of New Moon) and I'm glad of it!  Today I started New Moon and by the end of the 1st chapter the action has started in full force!  I understood after reading it why so many people said they had to go buy the next book the very moment that they finished the first!

All in all, I am enjoying the books way more than I imagined I could.  They are intriguing, with just enough mystery to make you want to keep reading and just enough romance to make you smile and sigh "that" sigh.  I will say that I am glad of the warm safe arms of my husband to curl up into. Edward stirs those romantic feelings that women tend to get and I love knowing that I am not looking for my "Edward" but that he is sleeping just one room over!  ;-)  Now, enough of this book review!  I'm over a hundred pages into New Moon and have to wait for the dryer to be done so I'll be waiting with the book in my hand not here on the computer!

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Sarah Saunier said...

I felt the same way about Twilight and didn't want to read them, but then when flying back from Sierra Leone they were the only books to read and they are so good! The movies are so good too. I went to opening weekend!