Sunday, November 29, 2009

breathtakingly beautiful

This morning I woke up and as I climbed out of bed, I thought, "Today I want to be breathtakingly beautiful."  I settled on jeans and a blue t-shirt because, well because that's what I always wear.  Nothing breathtaking about that, on to the mirror.  The past couple of weeks have given me not nearly enough sleep and the circles are starting to form under my eyes.  Well, there goes the beautiful part too.  Dang it!  I wanted to be breathtakingly beautiful and was going to spend my day as Plain Jane instead.  I laughed today at church when our pastor briefly touched on the verses of a woman's beauty not coming from outward adornments and thought of how many times Hubby and I have seen someone who should have been GORGEOUS but their attitude was so poor that they were no longer even pretty.  I found great irony in hearing about that just an hour and a half after I had hoped to have a breathtakingly beautiful day.  I told my husband about the whole thing when he got home from work, of how I dreamed of being breathtakingly beautiful today.  He tenderly smiled, cupped my face in his hands and ever so gently said, "What do you mean by today?"  My heart filled with joy.  I may see the jeans, t-shirts and dark circles but he doesn't.  I may not see either of these things when I look in the mirror,  much less both, but my husband does see me as both breathtaking and beautiful.  I don't feel it, and I don't understand it but Hubby loves me and thinks I'm beautiful!  That's enough for me.  It doesn't matter if everyone else sees me as plain or even if it is true.  It matters that my husband says I'm breathtakingly beautiful, and for a few minutes then I actually FELT like it as well!

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