Wednesday, December 2, 2009

iron stomach, or maybe not

Yesterday I got a call from the nurse at my son's school saying that he had thrown up all over the place and I needed to come and get him.  When I arrived at the school and walked into the nurses office I saw my 7 yr old son looking anything but sick and talking with everyone.  I laughed.  The nurse apologized for having to call me, "He's not running a fever or anything just it's school policy to have them go home!"  Again I laughed and assured her I was not upset with having to pick him up.  I was thinking maybe virus since a lot of people we know have recently had a quick stomach virus that involved vomiting.  He never threw up again and has still not run a fever so I was wondering about the virus theory.  Here is the hysterical part,  during dinner last night my son very animatedly relayed this story.

"At lunch my friend and me made a new lunch.  We both had apple sauce so we mixed them together together and then my friend put some of his chicken noodle soup in it.  I added my cheese and peanut butter crackers and then someone else added some fruit and veggies.  All the boys were chanting, 'eat! eat! eat!' and the girls were like 'ewww, gross'. It was really funny."

"So who ate it then, Son?"

"Well me and my friend did because it was mostly our food.  It really grossed out all the girls!"

Recess is immediately after lunch and recess is where he puked his guts out.  Maybe the virus theory might have been a little bit off ;-)  maybe his choice of lunch foods might have played a bigger part in his throwing up!  I have laughed so many times thinking about it.  He is home from school today just in case but I think he is perfectly fine!

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