Tuesday, February 16, 2010

absence makes the heart grow fonder?

Dear Blog,
It has been an insane couple of weeks and I have dreadfully missed blogging and journaling.  To be a bit gross, I have described it to my hubby as being emotionally constipated.  How do you work through the good, the bad, the crazy and the ugly when you are too tired to write?  I long for a hot bubble bath, a good coffee, a great book, and some "figure it all out" time with my journal.  Today the plumber will come and fix our stopped up pipes (thanks to a 2 yr old who thinks watching toys flush down the toilet is more enteretaining than tv.)  Today I will call the doctor to get the love of my life taken care of.  Hopefully more tests will show us what we are dealing with.  I have so much on my plate that any moment it could tip over and spill everywhere, but for now the balancing act is still somewhat stable.  In the midst of not being able to sort out my mind, I will settle for watching Barney with the 2 year olds and go boot shopping later.  I have a Starbucks in my hand, my Bible on my lap and my fingers on my keyboard and I'm going to take care of me today.  Hopefully my absence will not be long.  Too much time away makes more to sort out than I can do in one page!  I love and miss you, my dear blog and journal!
Love, Dawn

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