Wednesday, April 21, 2010

beautiful vs. sexy

I am married to a wonderful and amazing man.  The other day I realized something about him, he makes me feel beautiful.  Now that may seem obvious but it really isn't.  Here is something that few know but everyone should.  There is a difference between being beautiful and being sexy.  I've always known how to be sexy.  I've always known that I can turn a man on, I've never known how to be beautiful.  And yet I am married to a man who sees beauty.  For years when I didn't know how to be beautiful, he still treated me as though I were.  And now I realize how much I enjoy beauty.  I now realize that being beautiful is ok, good even.  I now realize that while there is a time for sexy, it isn't where my value lies. I guess I've known it for a while now, but it just really hit me smack in the eyes just a few days ago when I realized that there is a difference between beauty and sexy.  Like I said, few know it though all should.  I've lived it and am just coming to a conscious realization of it.  To my women readers, take some time today to realize you are beautiful (aside from your sex appeal).  To my men readers, remember that not everyone who has sex appeal has beauty (or understands it for that matter).

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