Monday, May 3, 2010

gas chamber

Yes, I did just title my blog gas chamber.  See I have all boys and I am about to prove it.  My older 2 like are OBSESSED with Star Wars and we have a ton of action figures.  Of course they like to play battle games but my oldest feels entitled to win all the time.  (He plays a game we have not so affectionately nick-named "I win.")  To make the game fair my husband invented new rules.  They each pick their teams schoolyard style.  When all the figures have been divided up each player picks one of his figures to come out to battle.  Then a coin gets flipped, the non flipper, of course, calls it in the air.  The winner of the coin toss wins that particular round.  The game continues until there is one sole survivor.  Well, this morning I was playing this with my oldest.  I lost more than half of the coin tosses and my army was being radically and rapidly eliminated.  During one of my losses my son decides the way he is going to "kill" my guy is to "toot" in his face.  He takes his action figure, places the backside against my figures face and proceeds to make the most horrifying gas sounds in the world.  I must have looked horrified because he started cracking up and says, "What, Mom?  It's the gas chamber!"   I couldn't help but chuckle while informing him he was super gross.  All 3 boys were rolling on the floor laughing, my oldest laughing so hard he was about to cry.  Now tell me, don't you wish you had all boys??????? 

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