Friday, April 2, 2010

Did he just say that??????

Last night my husband and I were discussing conversations we (well, he) will need to have or have already had with our boys.  Conversations about "the birds and the bees" but so much more.  Conversations about respecting women.  Conversations about respecting yourself.  Conversations about purity.  Conversations about "not parking that thing in a no parking zone."  Conversations about legitimate regrets about not having your wife be your first.  Lots of things to be absorbed.  I asked my husband if he knew how I pray for our boys.  I pray that they will have a desire to remain pure and that they will have the strength to.  See without the desire to wait, the strength to wait means nothing.  My husband, God love him, said, "You should also pray that they stay away from cheerleaders."  My mocking look prompted an explanation that had me rolling laughing.  "Well, they are trained to make people smile and scream."  Did my husband seriously just say that?  Leave it to him to find a joke after the serious conversation.

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