Thursday, May 20, 2010

let's talk about sex baby.......

Tonight my 7 year old decided to read his Bible for his reading homework time.  We had a very interesting conversation that followed......

Him - Mom, there is an inappropriate word in this Bible.  It says sex.

Me - Ok, what do you know about sex?

Him - Um, nothing, except that we aren't allowed to talk about it at school.  If we do, we go immediately to blue (a warning), so I know it's a bad word.

Me - Well, son, it's not actually a bad word.  The reason your teachers told you it is inappropriate is because God designed sex to be between married grown ups.  It is only for a man and his wife.  Are you a grown up?

Him - No.

Me- Are you married?

Him - Yes.   (Mom's eyes get big at this point and ask for an explanation.  Turns out the girl he is married to doesn't know of their arrangement so I informed him that to be married both people have to say "I do" and there has to be a wedding.  Since neither of those things happened, I was able to get his agreement that he's not married, yet.)

Me - So if God created sex to be a special loving relationship between a grown up man and his wife, and you are not a grown up or married, do you think that you need to know a lot about it right now?

Him - No I guess I don't.

Me - That is the reason your teachers don't want you to talk about sex, they know it is not something that you guys need to focus on yet.  Right now they want you to focus on being kids. 

The conversation reiterated a few times that sex was designed for marriage.  I figure he doesn't have to know the details for him to know where we stand on the issue.  He'll remember the conversation.  Then, as uncomfortable as it made me, I promised him that if he had any questions that Mom and Dad would always do our best to answer them and that he could always talk to us about anything.  I'm amazed that he has made it through 1st grade with so much innocence still.  Though, we want to make sure we are the ones he learns his facts of life from, I also want him to enjoy the innocence of childhood a little bit longer.  He didn't seem curious, and he was happy with the response I gave.  I know the day is rapidly approaching when I (or Dad!) have to answer questions and have to give details.  Today, however, was not that day. WHEW!

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Joy said...

Wow! Those are good answers, and when it comes up with Ryley, I will have to take my cue from you!!