Friday, May 28, 2010


There is a time and a reason for everything under the sun.  Today a chapter in my life closed.  I'm in a novel I can't put down and I can barely stand waiting for the page to turn to see what happens next.  However, I also want to reflect on and savor the chapter that I finished.  Today was an emotionally eventful day.  The last day of preschool for my middle child.  The last day of "real" school for my 1st grader.  My children are growing up so fast it almost stuns me!
Tonight my son graduated from preschool.  For him, tonight marks a significant point in his short life.  Tonight marks the time he is now considered a Kindergartener.  He's kinda scared to be a Kindergartener.  He's following in the heels of a big brother who is well known and well loved.  What if he doesn't measure up?  What will school be like without his best friend?  What will it be like with no friends going into it?  He's starting over and he's a little intimidated.  Even the teacher he knows and loves who he thought would teach him is not returning to Kindergarten next year.  She is following the Lord's leading and moving to Africa.  I know the kiddos there need her and that is where the Lord wants her but I also wish she could be here for one more year for my kiddo.  My kiddo is scared to not know anyone, not even the teacher. 

Today my older son's first grade teacher took my middle son by the hand and introduced him to his Kindergarten teacher.  I know her to be an amazing, godly, fabulous woman.  He doesn't.  I know he will do awesome in his new school, he's concerned.  Today I feel bad for him and wish he weren't so apprehensive.  I wish he were excited for new friends and seasons rather than scared.
This afternoon the first grade teachers invited the parents to class at the end of the day for an awards ceremony.  It was an honor to go and be a part of it.  I have so enjoyed watching my son blossom this year.  I work in his classroom every week and so I know all of the kids.  I loved watching them each get awards for different character traits.  I genuinely rejoiced with each of them; I know how hard they have all worked this year.  I have watched my son learn to be friends with someone who he used to have issues with.  I have watched these kids grow so much this year.  I have seen them perservere through language barriers.  One girl didn't even know how to spell her own name when the school year started.  They've grown.  They've changed.  And they don't even realize it.

Soon it will be August and I will then be the mommy of a preschooler, a kindergartener and a second grader.  It's going so fast.  I am going to savor the last tastes of this chapter I have ended.  Then, I'm going to turn the page in my book, a novel like nothing I've ever dreamed of, and continue reading/writing my story.  And I'm going to enjoy every sentence, every page, every chapter, every season of my book.

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