Friday, May 28, 2010

great grandma

Last weekend the kid, my mom and I went to St. Louis to see my nephew graduate from highschool.  While we were there we stayed with my grandma, the kids great grandma.  My grandpa died when my mom was 12 and my grandma has remained single all these years.  This prompted a cute conversation from my 5 yr old today.

"Mom, why didn't Grandma S. get married anymore?"

"Because no one could make her heart beat like Grandpa could.  She never met anyone else who she loved as much as she loved him and so she decided to not get married again."

Thoughtful pause.......

"Hmmm, Mom, I think when I'm a grown up I will move to St. Louis and marry her so she won't be alone anymore."

Oh my sweet boy!

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