Saturday, July 24, 2010

cute kid stories

Today we were at my friend's house and she has a 2 year old daughter.  As we were preparing to leave I put my youngest in his car seat while the other two were looking for something forgotten.  Suddenly JJ yells,

 "Jordan!  JORDAN!"
"I love you Jordan!"
"I said I LOVE YOU, Jordan!"
"Yes, I love YOU, JORDAN!"

It was soooooo stinkin adorable, wish you could have seen it.


E's best friend is a little girl named Charlotte.  He adores her and since school has been out and he has been missing her, he remedied the situation by forcing JJ to pretend to be Charlotte.  JJ now walks around the house and says in a higher pitched voice, "I'm Charlotte. I'm a girl."  And then E can play with "Charlotte".

Well, last week I overhear W and E fighting over Charlotte and who was going to marry her.  Of course E is claiming Charlotte is his girl and W can have her princess loving big sister.  The boys keep trying to win JJ-Charlotte's affection.  At some point in the interaction, JJ made E mad and E hit him.  W pounced on the opportunity and said to JJ, "See Charlotte?  Don't you want to be with me, a boy who will protect you instead of with a boy who hits you? Let's get married!"

I chuckled and tiptoed around the corner to witness the "wedding" unnoticed.  W and JJ were up on E's bed and W was saying, "Do you promise to love this woman till you die and be good to her?"  There was then a rather exaggerated kissing sound where W was kissing JJ's cheek.  Then he told JJ that they would go to the candy store for their honeymoon and "she" could pick out any candy "she" wanted. 

Again, I didn't know if I should be rolling on the floor laughing or curling up in my bed hiding and praying!  But it was indeed funny.


Tonight my oldest went to a little girl's birthday party.  When the parents brought him home (thanks soooooo much Joy and Ryan!)  they told me that W was the only boy there though not the only one invited.  I asked him if it was weird to be the only boy in a group of girls.  He looked at me like I was crazy so I asked if it was kinda cool.  He said it was REALLY cool to be the only boy there at her party.  Such a boy......... ;-)


I know I have a couple of others from recently but I am super tired so they will have to wait for another blog.  Just so I can remind myself though, favorite color monster, jet pack girl, and a soda stealing preschooler are all topics for another day.

to be continued...........

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