Wednesday, August 11, 2010

my favorite color monster

Did you have an imaginary friend growing up?  A toy that went EVERYWHERE with you and you held countless conversations with?  Do your kids?  As a kid I had Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls that went everywhere I did.  They played outside in the sand and dirt with me.  They were my best friends.  (They were also replaced several times due to my excess love for them!)

My JJ has an imaginary friend.  His name is "My Favorite Color Monster."  Favorite Color Monster goes everywhere with us.  He has had to go to time-out, has caused JJ to go to time-out on multiple occasions, and usually rides in the trunk of the car when we go out because all of our seatbelts are full inside the car.  Whenever JJ has eaten too much or has a tummy ache he informs me that Favorite Color Monster just punched him in the tummy. Favorite Color Monster sleeps under JJ's bed with a piece of JJ's blanket that tore off.  Part way through the night, though, he usually climbs up on JJ's bed to cuddle.  Sometimes Favorite Color Monster tries to join in morning or bedtime prayers and often trys to join when we discuss favorite parts of the day.  His favorite part of the day is usually playing with JJ or that he has a JJ to take care of him because some of his monster friends don't have anyone to take care of them.

Oddly enough, I have grown rather fond of Favorite Color Monster.  I so enjoy seeing my son use his imagination to come up with amazing scenarios of play.  Sometimes Favorite Color Monster needs a little mommy tlc too and he needs bedtime hugs and kisses too.  I got in trouble once for kissing the wrong spot because he had moved to the other side of JJ just before I kissed so I missed him. :)

JJ even visited Favorite Color Monster's house once and his mommy asked, "Who are you?"  JJ answered, "I'm JJ and I'm Favorite Color Monster's best friend!"  The mommy said she was happy he had a best friend and invited JJ in for popsicles and then they played in the Monster's back yard on the swingset until I called him home for dinner.  I mean seriously, how can you not start to enjoy an imaginary friend when your kid is that cute?!?

Favorite Color Monster also keeps JJ safe at bedtime.  He scares away any bad monsters that try to sleep under JJ's bed.  Now how nice is that, a monster to keep you safe from scary monsters?  I do believe that Favorite Color Monster might just be JJ's current best friend.  I'm glad he's still little and I'm going to treasure these days; I know they won't last for long.  All too soon he'll be heading to school and Favorite Color Monster will be a memory and no longer a best friend.  While Favorite Color Monster does cause his share of mischief around our house, I think I'm going to miss him when he leaves.

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