Sunday, November 7, 2010

not much, just the moon

I heard a song that made me think about the moon.  I was thinking how the moon is really a pointless piece of rock and yet such a thing of beauty.  I also thought of the moon's purpose.  Do you know the moon has only two jobs?  It must be pulled by the earth's gravitational force to orbit the earth and it must reflect the sun.  That's it, circle the earth and reflect the sun.  What a life!  How easy that sounds, just go in circles and let something else's light bounce off of you.  And yet, isn't that what God has called us as believers to do, to be pulled in by the gravity of His Word, build our lives around it, and reflect God's love to those around us?  He didn't ask for much, just the moon.

Like the moon, there is nothing in me that is inherently bright.  Like the moon, I am a dark and unattractive rock.  Like the moon, when the Savior shines on me, I am made beautiful.  Like the moon, I am called to revolve around something, the Word of God.  As I was thinking about the moon and it's beauty, I also wondered about the new moon, when the sky is dark.  Does the moon stop orbiting the earth just because I can not see it?  No, and neither does it stop reflecting the sun.  There are times in my life that I feel more like a new moon than a full moon.  I am coming out of a season that I have felt like a new moon, that there is no light coming from me.  And yet, God has still been working in my life.  Though I saw darkness, He was still reflecting His Son on my heart.  Though I saw craters and ugliness, He still drew my heart with loving kindness and still took the time to reflect His love to me.

He only wants the moon, that we would orbit His Word and reflect His light.  I have a favorite quote that is at the end of every one of my friend's emails.  "I believe in the sun even when it is not shining, in love even when I am alone and in God even when He is silent."  I do believe in God, even when I can't feel Him, and in His light bringing about beauty in my life, even when all I see is darkness.

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