Tuesday, December 7, 2010

not it!

Have you ever played "not it"?  You know, where everyone yells "NOT IT!" and the last person to say it is "it"?  We play it in our house too, but our version is the last person to touch his nose.  Ok, there is the preface to my story.

Last night at dinner my kindergartener says, "You know, like when you have an erection."  My finger immediately touched my nose while my husbands eyes got bigger and bigger.  "A what?" 
"You know, when you have an erection.  Like when people vote to change the laws and if there was an erection that made the law where kids could eat dessert before dinner, then I wouldn't have to eat dinner."

"Um, son, do you mean an ELECTION?" 

"Yep, where you can vote to change the laws and make it to where kids can have dessert instead of dinner would be the law."

Let's just say, Momma was cracking up and Daddy was very relieved!

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