Thursday, December 2, 2010

someone else captured his heart

Yesterday my sweet 5 year old was telling me about his day at school when suddenly these words were said, "And, Mom, I fell in love today."  (said with a sigh and a lit up face)
*Sigh*  "Who did you fall in love with?"
"Her name is Donya. I sat next to her in reading group."
"Is she in your class at school?"
"Well, kinda.  She is in the kindergarten that is there all day long."

My boy fell in love yesterday.  A few hours later that same day......

"Donya is kinda a weird name, but I think it is pretty.  I sat next to her but she doesn't know my name yet.  She has black hair and she is really nice and really pretty.  I hope she falls in love with me too!"

*Sigh*  His heart doesn't belong solely to his Momma anymore.  I know these days come, but do they really have to come in Kindergarten??????  I guess better than his big brother who stole his first kiss at 3, proposed at 5 and began talking about where they would live and what they would name their babies when they grew up and got married.  But still..........   This Momma wasn't ready to share another heart yet!  At least I'm still the queen in my baby boy's heart.  When did they start growing up at 5?  When did it start to matter what the girls in school thought?  When did girls loose their cooties?  (And is there anyway the cooties will return before the boys are old enough to date?????) 

My son fell in love yesterday.  I guess it's good practice for the day when I will take second place in his heart to the one God has designed especially for him.  I don't like it though.  I still want to be his most beautiful girl, at least for a little longer!

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