Tuesday, November 16, 2010

random cool and slightly unnerving thoughts

Last night my sweet W made dinner for the family, grilled cheese and mashed potatoes.  He peeled the potatoes by himself (though almost 1/2 the skins had to be picked up from the floor!) and cut them by himself.  This was his first time to use an actually really sharp knife so I showed him on the 1st potato how to cut it and then sat in for supervision.  He did really well.  At the beginning I had to remind him a couple of times to check if his blade was up or down.  The unnerving part?  I realized partway through that he was using his left hand.  Interesting, I thought, I had no idea my right handed son used a knife left handed.  It didn't strike me as completely weird though because though I am left handed in my writing, I am right handed when it comes to cutting, sewing, crafting or sports.  I was surprised though when I watched him switch back to his right hand and he was quite capable with a Pampered Chef utility knife with either hand.  He continued to randomly switch cutting hands with no shaking or indication that either had was or was not his dominant hand.  He thought I was crazy when I mentioned it to him :)

We had a temperment phsycologist come speak at our MOPS group recently.  I bought his book I May Frustrate You, But I'm a Keeper.  FABULOUS, FABULOUS, FABULOUS book!  It has helped me to understand myself, my kids and my family so much better.  Even if I gained no parenting advice whatsoever from it, I would still have gleaned enough knowledge just about me and how/why I react the way I do to make this purchase well worth it!  I am so encouraged as I parent my kids to finally be able to understand how their minds work.  I also am able to understand much of the conflict my mom and I faced while I was growing up.  We are polar opposite temperments and neither of us ever understood where the other was coming from.  We never knew that there is more to communicating than having a desire to.  Because we weren't speaking each others native tongue, we never could bridge the huge cavernous gap between us and we never understood why.  I now understand why and am so grateful for the insight it has given me into my relationship as a daughter and as a mother.  You can get the book by going to http://www.raywlincoln.com/. There are also some very valuable resources on his website such as the temperment tests for adults and for children.  Don't understand why your kids behave the way they do?  Don't understand why nothing seems to work in getting them to listen?  Don't understand yourself?  Well, if you answered yes to any of them, you need to read this book!  It is a wealth of insight!

I'm also dying to get a worship cd called Psalms put out by Sovereign Grace Ministries.  There is a song on the cd that we sing in church that the chorus has both been ministering to me and stuck in my head lately.  It says,  More than watchmen for the morning
I will wait for you my God
when my fears come with no warning, in your Word I'll place my trust
When the harvest time is over and I still see no fruit
I will wait, I will wait for you.
Such a good song and it's for a good price too.  Thinking that along with Mercy Me's Generous Mr. Lovewell need to be on my list for the next allowance money payday.  Probably better for me than Starbucks anyway ;-)  Check out the song Beautiful from Generous Mr. Lovewell. *don't forget to turn the volume down on my playlist though or you will be hearing 2 songs at once*   It is amazing!

So those are my thoughts this wonderful fall evening.  All random, some cool and some unnerving.  Speaking of unnerving, my 8 year old can touch the top of my head standing flat footed.  Is he allowed to be that tall already????????  Holy cow, I never before thought of myself as particularly short until now!  Love my ever hungry, grown an inch and a shoe size since school started boys!  They keep it interesting around here!

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