Friday, October 28, 2011

prayer, game 6 and World Series Champs

I'm a big Cardinals fan.  Tonight they are the 2011 World Series Champions.  Yesterday was a pins and needles game 6.  Watching the game I found myself occasionally doing what my husband and I make fun of when we see it on a televised game.  I clasped my hands and said, "Oh, God, PLEEEEEEEASE!"

It only took once for me to laugh at myself as well.  Ultimately, though it makes me happy, who wins a World Series game doesn't affect eternity.  So every time I clasped my hands last night, I decided to pray for things that DO matter to God.  I'm hoping baseball players felt blessed last night because it seems like I found myself praying quite a bit!

I prayed for God to be glorified through the lives of the players.  I prayed for their marriages to be strengthened and filled with love and harmony.  I prayed that God would draw each of them unto Himself.  I prayed that their hearts would be sensitive to the things of the Spirit.  I prayed that they would have strength to avoid the sexual temptations that are nearly unavoidable, especially when playing on the road for long stretches.  I prayed that they would look to God to be their strength.  I prayed for the ones who are parents to have wisdom in parenting their children.  I prayed for the ones who are single to find love and joy in the arms of God's best (not someone who wants money or fame). 

I think you get it.  Every time I had the urge to pray for my team to win, something that won't affect eternity, I instead prayed for the players and things that do affect eternity.  I found my hands clasped and praying a lot last night.  And to be 100% truthful, sometimes I was annoyed to not pray for a win! 

Tonight I am thrilled to know my team is the World Champs.  I don't think for a second that they won because of prayer.  If they had then why didn't the Rangers win?  Was no one in Texas praying for a World Series title?  The game was fun.  The series was phenomenal.  I join plenty of people in celebrating the Cardinal's 11th championship. 

But when the day was over, baseball doesn't affect eternity, but people do!

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