Friday, April 22, 2011

conversations with kids

My kids have been sooooooo dang cute over the last weeks.  I'm afraid I'm going to forget and probably already have forgotten some, so I have to document!  :)


Hubby to our boys tonight: " I have wonderful memories of each of your births.  God has really blessed us!"
E: Did dey sound like this....... buuuuuuurp?  (giggle giggle)
Or was it like buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurp?
Or was it a buuurp sound? (more giggling from brothers now)
"E, knock off the burping!"
But Daddy, I am just wondering what type of sounds we made!

    mental light bulbs going off......

"E did you think I said memories of your burps?"
head nods, wide eyed

     pause for much hysterical laughter from mom and dad

"Buddy, I said birth not burp!"
"Oh."  (possibly a bit disappointed that we were not talking about burping)


This morning on the way to school, W tells me that today is three holidays all in one.  When I asked him what he meant, he very proudly told me, "Well, it is Good Friday, Earth Day and free coffee at Starbucks day!".  Uhhhhh, maybe mommy drinks a bit too much coffee ;-)  But at least he got the order of importance right!


Last week Hubby got the distinct privilege of finally being home when the boys asked embarrassing questions.  Well, I should say when E asked because W wants to know NOTHING about the birds and bees and hates when E brings up questions.  Well, E did indeed bring up questions.  Now keep in mind that Hubby has been at work for ALL of the other difficult questions.  I explained testicles (what are these ball thingys in my pee pee part), I explained (as Seinfeld so tactfully calls it) "shrinkage" (MOMMY! I can't find my testicles!), birth canal (where does the baby come out when it's time?), vagina (babies come out of a woman's pee pee part!  I don't ever want to have a wife push a baby out because I don't want the baby to smell like pee!).

So FINALLY Hubby was here when E started asking questions about the birth canal and babies.  Hubby smiled and said, "Guess what, Boys?  We are going to have the talk."  Per W's vote, I left the room and went downstairs.  After a bit, I came upstairs.  I came up quietly in case they weren't done yet.  As I sat in the kitchen waiting for them to finish, I heard the funniest conversation ever.

Having both grown up in Christian homes, schools and youth group, Hubby and I both heard often the "sex is bad" conversation.  The problem was that when we experienced it, we didn't know what everyone was talking about, because sex was actually good.  Neither of us realized until we met and married that God gave us boundaries of marriage for a good and healthy reason.  We don't want our kids growing up thinking sex is bad or dirty so we make sure that we emphasize the God given boundaries of it. Hubby was explaining that sex is not a bad word.  He was telling the boys that sex, in the God given context of marriage, is wonderful.  When it is done outside of God's plan, that is when it is not right. 

I also heard him give some cultural advise.  He was telling them that America, as a nation, has made sex seem like it is a bad thing.  *His point was that in America the view point of sex is usually very "prude like" that even in marriage it still seems like a dirty thing or to the other extreme that all sex is like a big porno.  Of course he didn't actually say those words, he "kidified" them but that was his point.*

Then I hear, "Ok, so is sex a bad thing?"
"Did God give us sex as a way for married people to show love to each other?"
"So when is sex not ok?"
W: "Um, when you live in America?"

I could hear the stun in Hubby's voice.  I had to cover my mouth so the boys wouldn't hear me laughing and know I had overheard them.  Hubby pulled it back together nicely, while I was nearly crying in the kitchen from laughter, and informed W that it is not living in America that makes sex not ok, it is having sex with someone you are not married to.  I don't know how he managed that one with a straight face.  I still laugh when I think about it!



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