Saturday, April 2, 2011

March was.....

my own personal holiday.  I dubbed March as Husband Appreciation Month in my house.  I started the month out by verbally telling my husband daily things that I love and appreciate about him.  I then decided that it was nice for him to hear it from me but even nicer if everyone else knew that he is amazing and that I love and appreciate my hubster so I started posting as my facebook status daily some of the things I love about him.

I did this to encourage my husband but I have gotten so much out of it as well.  Sometimes I was frustrated with him and I didn't really want to appreciate him, especially not publicly.  I made a commitment to myself to do it though so I wanted to follow through.  What I noticed is that as I publicly edified my husband, I felt a heart shift in me.  When I was frustrated with him I would specifically start thinking of why I love him. The frustration would start to melt away and I would begin to fall in love with him all over again.

I have spent the entire month falling in love daily with the love of my life.  I thought I was doing this for him but it turns out, I was the one benefiting.  We connected on an even deeper level emotionally, spiritually and physically.  He, already an amazing and kind husband, stepped up and took even more pride and delight in taking care of me.
Here is the list of my fb status updates from the day I started publicly appreciating my husband......
wanna know why I love Hubby? On his day off, he gets up and helps get the kids ready and takes them to school. ♥
 wanna know why I love Hubby? He has been doing laundry and dishes for me! Now is that an amazing man or what?!?!?
do you wanna know something that I love about Hubby? He has a heart as big as all outdoors. Tonight he took us out to Toys R Us to buy a get well gift for E's best friend who just broke her jaw, had surgery and has her jaw wired shut for the next 3 weeks. He is so kind
 wanna know what makes my husband  the best? Tonight he knew the kids were putting me through the ringer for bedtime and he offered to share his pack of Reese's PB cups with me. Chocolate and pb make the world seem better, especially when given by someone you love! :)
 wanna know why I love Hubby? He still makes me blush after 12 yrs of marriage :)
 wanna know what I love about Hubby? We laugh together. Tonight we laughed till my sides hurt and I was nearly in tears over a stupid tv show, but we laughed together and that makes all the difference in the world.
 wanna know why I love Hubby? Today I came home from running errands and doctor appts to see him hand scrubbing my kitchen floor square by square! He blesses me in so many ways!
 do you wanna know why I love Hubby? Because nearly 16 years together and I still feel like a school girl when we go out on dates!
 I love my wonderful husband  because he listens when I vent, holds me when I cry and doesn't tolerate our kids being disrespectful to me.
 I ♥ Hubby because he gave up his entire day off to drive nearly an hour to see our son preform in Odyssey of the Mind for 10 minutes and then had to drive nearly an hour back to Denver so he could work tonight. He is an AMAZING daddy and our sons are so blessed to have him on their side!
I ♥ Hubby  because he is an absolutely AMAZING lover.
 I love Hubby  because he let me vent for an hour and a half so I could be crazy insane and over process every little detail of my day. I think I must have talked in circles and repeated myself about 1000 times just in trying to figure myself out. He loves me in spite of myself!
I love Hubby because he comforts me when I'm sad.
I love my husband because he is protective of me.
I love Hubby because he kindly gave up his long planned after work movie and offered to take a guy from work home when this guys ride forgot him at work. Hubby gave of himself when he really didn't have to. Love that you are so kind, Honey!
do you wanna know why I love Hubby? He always kisses me goodnight, he always kisses me goodbye, he ends our conversations with "I love you" and he tells me I'm beautiful every day!
I ♥ my sweetie,  because he picked up my medicine for me on the way home from work and is now about to put these numbing ear drops in my painful infected ear! I'm so glad I have someone to take care of me when I'm sick!
I ♥ Hubby because he is a hero to our sons. They think he is the greatest thing ever (and of course they are right!). I love that he takes the time to invest in their lives.
I love Hubby because he challenges me to pursue my dreams, even when it scares me to death!
I ♥ Hubby bc of this conversation I had with W at Costco. After sampling dark choc covered pomegranates & falling in love, I asked the boys, "What would Daddy say if he were here? Would he say,' it's yummy chocolate and will make Mommy a happy girl' or would he say,' wow that bag is $10 we can live without it.'?" W: "Oh, Mom, he would totally say to get the chocolate and make you happy!" ( I laughed and told him he was a wise man and his Daddy had taught him well :) I love that even when Hubby is not with us, he has taught our boys to take care of me, even in small things like a chocolate splurge!)
I ♥ Hubby because tonight he came upstairs and told me that I was off duty and was to go out and enjoy some time to myself while he put the kids to bed. What an awesome guy!
I love Hubby because today he refilled the propane tank and grilled. Mamma didn't have to cook!!!!!!!!!!!! That was also my favorite part of the day :)
I love Hubby bc he missed part of the Nuggets game tonight in order to address the boys disrespectful attitudes.
I love Hubby bc he is a grown up little kid and he and our boys have been having a blast playing the new Lego Star Wars game on the Wii.
I love Hubby  bc this morning while I was getting ready for church, he went and bought me Starbucks! :)
I ♥ Hubby  bc last year when we remodeled the bathroom, the boys asked if we could make it a Star Wars bathroom. Hubby told them that since boys pretty much just go in the bathroom to do their mandatory business and that girls actually like to spend time in there (bubble baths, candles, good books, make-up, mirrors, etc...) that I could decorate it however I wanted. It's purple :) How many men live with a totally girly "lavender glow" bathroom and not because they were coerced or informed that was "just how it was going to be bc I want it purple" ? I mean, really, this guy is great!
I ♥ Hubby  because today he kept sickie E home with him so that the other 2 kids and I could still meet my friends and their kids at the zoo for a lovely day. E got sick again and Hubby washed barfy clothes and gave him a bubble bath. Such a great daddy!
 I ♥ Hubby bc since I have been taking care of sickies and have been exhausted, he let me sleep until I woke up today. That was nearly 11am! Thanks Babe!
I ♥ you Hubby because for a month I have been posting things I appreciate about you and you have given me so much to work with that I have never had to duplicate :).
It was so rewarding for each of us individually and as a couple, that I think EVERY March needs to be husband appreciation month!  It was an amazing month.  I want to start a revolution {maybe even a Hallmark holiday ;-)  }

Your husband isn't perfect, neither is mine, but when we take the time to concentrate on what we do like instead of what we don't, suddenly they seem so much more perfect than before!  Is your marriage tired?  Don't wait for your spouse to make the first move, you take action!  Remember why you fell in love in the first place.  Remember what it was like the day he asked you to marry him (or guys the day she said she would be your wife).  Why did you agree (or ask) to get married to that special someone?  What made them stand out above anyone else in the world and made you say you wanted to spend the rest of your life loving them?  Do you remember?  If not, start falling in love with them all over again.  Find reasons to love and appreciate them.  Your spouse, your kids, your marriage and YOU will thank you!

So on that note, tell me, what has your significant other done RIGHT lately????

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