Wednesday, March 30, 2011

clinging to hope

In the midst a rough week of lost friendships, an ear infection, kids cycling through a stomach virus, a friend who's life was just affected by the suicide of someone she loves, and some other troubling things I realize that I must cling to hope and life right now to not be swallowed up by the hurt around me.  So tonight, though my heart is heavy, I cling to hope.  I am grateful tonight for
~a savior who became sin for me that I could become the righteousness of God
~my husband who holds me when I cry
~my support network in my family, my friends, my church, MOPS and a great medical team
~the ability to cry, it simply shows that I can still feel and that I love.  One who has no love has no reasons to cry.
~knowing there is a place where all tears will someday be wiped away
~knowing that God actually counts my tears, somehow that makes them seem to hurt less
~being able to get back up when we fall down (or apart!)
~that as Anne of Green Gables says, "Tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet."
~spring break and the ability to sleep in (when did 7:30 become sleeping in??????)
~God never changes and He never sleeps and He never steps off His throne and He is always in control and always good
~hmmm, I think that is worth repeating.  God is good, even when life isn't.
~I have hope in the midst of hurt

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