Sunday, January 8, 2012


Do you know what makes me sad?  Watching an amazing Broncos Playoff game, in which we win in OT with a record breaking pass from Tebow to Thomas, and then seeing the news ticker at the bottom of the tv screen.  While we were yelling and screaming and cheering for our beloved Broncos, a little girl is crying.  The headline read "officer accused of molesting a 13 yr old girl".

I hate watching the news.  I hate being forced to face the depravity of this world.  I hate that I can't fix it.  I hate that people have to hurt.  And I long for the day when all wrongs will be righted and tears will be wiped away to be no more.  Tonight I long for my real home, tonight I long for the day when we will worship at His throne, tonight I long for the healing of our broken world and the joy of our future world. 

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