Thursday, May 23, 2013

Things our sons need to know because our daughters need to hear

As my sons get older I realize there are some things they be to hear.  There are things I've said since they started talking like, "Marry a girl who loves your mama" and "Someday when you are a dad the 2 greatest things you can do for your children is introduce them to Jesus and love their mama."  The list of things I think my boys need to hear is growing longer. 

Last month I was trying on clothes and seeking my husbands opinion on the new clothes.  I noticed my son intently watching our dialog.   I looked him in the eyes and told him something every boy needs to know.
"Son,  someday there will be a beautiful girl in your life.  She will ask you about her clothes,  probably often. Learn from your daddy's example. In that moment your job is to remind her that it is not the clothes that make her beautiful but rather she makes the clothes beautiful.  She is asking about the clothes because she wants to know you find her beautiful. Your opinion will matter to her more than anyone else's so tell her often how beautiful she is."

He shrugged but I felt like he actually heard it.  I'm sure he filed it in his brain somewhere.  Someday I hope that my daughter in laws will feel as amazingly loved, treasured and protected as my husband has made me feel.  I'm so grateful for the example that Hubby has set for our sons and for the gentle way that he loves me and protects me and I pray that my sons will grow up to love their wives in the same way. 

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