Friday, September 13, 2013

giveaway teaser

I feel most alive when I write yet I have not taken the time to write in far too long.  Tonight I was playing Life with my oldest son.  I made it all the way around the board and never had any kids.  He, however had a car full of them, a boy then a girl, then twins.  Here is my dork side coming through.  I was actually a bit jealous of him. I was genuinely disappointed that I had no kids in the game.  See I love being a mom.  Being a mom is so ingrained in who I am that even in a game I cannot imagine a life other than this one, craziness and all.  So to combine two things that capture my heart completely, writing and being a mom, I will be doing a giveaway on my blog on September 21.  I'm not telling you yet what it is but I'll give you a teaser that it is especially for my mommy friends.  Stay tuned......

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