Friday, March 12, 2010

jelly bean

I have an ultrasound pic of my youngest on my fridge (yes I know he is almost 3!).  I lovingly named the picture "my little jelly bean."  Yesterday I overheard the cutest conversation between my middle and youngest sons.  I heard Ev telling JJ, "You were once a tiny little jellybean.  And then you grew into a big jellybean.  And once I was a tiny little peanut (yes, I did call him my peanut when I looked at his u.s. pics) and then I grew into a big peanut.  And once W was a tiny....... emmy m  (m&m) and then he grew into a great big HUGE emmy m! His head is a huge emmy m!"  Fits of giggles ensued from my backseat and I remembered again how much I love being a mom.

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Sarah said...

Thanks for sharing, you made me smile.