Tuesday, February 1, 2011

a day in the life of a snowed in mom

My kids were off school for a "freeze day", similar to a snow day but off school because of the subzero temps and windchill we had.  For some reason, even though we told them yesterday that school was canceled today, they felt the need to wake up earlier than they would have had it been a school day.  It always works that way.  I am not a morning person.  As a matter of fact, I DESPISE mornings.  Obviously, since I did not HAVE to get out of bed early, I choose a few extra minutes (or an extra hour and a half, but hey, who's counting!) of sleep.  The kids watched tv, I slept, we all won.  Around 8 I finally came to coherency and around 8:30 I was finally out from under my covers.

By 9 we had two more kids at our house and I was making breakfast for my kids.  With breakfast finally over, I started loading the dishwasher while the kids played. I got chili started in the crockpot for dinner and I also somehow also managed to make myself a morning  latte with my new espresso machine that was just given to me. I finally cleared enough of the table to call my oldest in to do homework at the kitchen table.  I continued to work on kitchen projects for the hour and twenty minutes that it took him to whine through his homework.  Well, the good news is that all of my counters got scrubbed and all my dishes done!

With the hum of the dishwasher and the whining about homework in one ear and the pleas for lunch echoing in the other ear, I began lunch for my house of 5 kids.  Mac and cheese, oranges, and gold fish for 2 eight year olds, 1 five year old, and 2 three year olds, check.  Vanilla steamers and Chai Tea, per request for lunch drinks, check.  Realizing it is almost 1pm by the time everyone is done eating, big sigh.  I ushered the kids out of the kitchen to play, unloaded the dishwasher, and began the lunch clean up process.

With the dishwasher nearly full after only one meal, I decided it was time to bake that bread that I had been wanting to make all day.  With my hair pulled back and my new cute apron over my pajamas, I threw myself full throttle into the joy of flour and yeast.  Finally the smell of fresh baking bread is wafting through my house and the sound of children's laughter is floating to me from the next room over.

I cleaned up my bread mess and started the dishwasher a second time.  Hubby called to say he was on his way home from work, so I started heating up the left over mac and cheese for his lunch.  I stirred my chili, pulled my loaves of bread out of the oven and wiped off the counter just moments before hubby walked in.  I landed on the kids to start cleaning up the messes they had made and enjoyed a few minutes of conversation with the Hubster. I had told the kids snack time would be at 2:30 and they graciously reminded me at 4 that they still hadn't had a snack.

I fixed snacks and drinks for everyone.  While they were eating I was putting away the hand washed dishes from earlier.  Once they were done I headed out to the living room and started folding the basket of clean laundry that has been sitting on my floor for two days.  I continued to direct the living room pickup and fold laundry until my friend arrived to pick up her kids.  I'm not sure how it had already gotten to be after 5pm!

Once they left, I woke Hubby up from his nap for dinner.  I got the boys started on their chores of cleaning the bathroom, wiping down the dinner table and chairs and helping unload the dishwasher (again!). I dished up dinner for the kids so it could start cooling and then woke up Hubby again.  By this time, I had poured a glass of wine as well!  We ate dinner together. I packed the Hubster's lunch and cleaned up the dinner dishes. I sent my oldest to read to my youngest, retrieved my middle child's sheets and comforter from the dryer, said prayers with everyone, and took my youngest to bed.

Upon getting him to bed, my oldest asks for a shower so I send him into shower while I put the aforesaid sheets on the bed.  I got my middle one down for bed, got my oldest out of the shower and my husbands work laundry started.   Oldest child then went to bed as did Hubby. I had to go outside to start our cars because we do not have a garage and we do have older cars that might not want to start in subzero temps.  I sat in the car while it warmed up and I read my homework for a class I am taking.  I turned off both cars, came in to hang up my coat and saw that my oldest was in the bathroom and, of course, he was pooping.  I finally got him ushered back to bed as well and came downstairs to switch the laundry to the dryer.

I am finally sitting down to enjoy my computer for a few minutes.  Somehow my day is completely gone and the basket of laundry in the living room is only a quarter folded, my living room is messy and I have a couple of dishes in my sink that I was just too tired (or lazy) to put in the dishwasher yet.  Now that you know all of that, don't judge my house if you come over tomorrow.  Somehow it is messy all over again!

This is the day of a snowed in, stay at home mamma. And guess what?  They have canceled school for tomorrow as well!  Oh my...........


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Holly said...

I am also snowed in, here in my dorm room. I wish I had the smell of flour and yeast here!